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The mission of Natyasangam Dance Academyis to awaken the rhythm of life within communities and individuals through both ancient and modern traditions of Indian dance.

Founded in 2002, Natyasangam Dance Academy imparts sound training in the techniques of classical Indian dances such as Bharatanatyam and Sattriya as well as several folk dances from various states of India. The dance styles of India have evolved from many aspects of the country's culture such as mythology, literature, scriptures, sculpture, and music.

The Natyasangam Dance Academy consists of students ranging from ages 5 to adults. Natyasangam follows the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam instruction. For Sattriya, several styles are taught. Natyasangam's integrated curriculum begins with foundational steps called adavus. Hasta mudras (hand gestures) and bhavas (facial expressions) are incorporated as the students advance. Rhythmic sequences and storytelling movements are gradually introduced as students master dance steps and theatrical expressions. During the course of the year, students are given opportunities to perform at different local events and venues.

The Academy motivates students to maintain the purity and tradition of the dance forms and encourages them to think and express ideas through various dance mediums. The training gives equal importance to movement and communicative aspects of the classical and folk dances.

Attesting to the high caliber of the school, students from Natyasangam Academy have placed first and second in state-level Bharatanatyam dance competitions held in Colorado in 2012 and 2013.







Natyasangam Dance Academy
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