Folk Dance

Folk dances of India are an expression of the individual culture of the state from which they originated.  Natyasangam Academy teaches popular folk dances from four states:

Bihu - celebratory folk dance from the state of Assam is characterized by brisk dance steps and hand movements with swaying hips.

Bhangra - high-energy, enthusiastic and vigorous folk dance from the Punjab region of India.  This joyous dance is accompanied by equally vibrant music.

Rajasthani Folk Dances - Ghoomar and Jhoomar are the main folk dances of Rajasthan.   Many other styles abound such as Kucchi Ghodi, Fire Dance, Terahtali, Kalbelia, Gair and Drum Dance.

Garba - joyful folk dance from the state of Gujarat that uses circular and spiral patterns.  Dancing begins slowly but increases in speed as the dance progresses.